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Offer secure, fast and convenient mobile payments with NomuPay’s direct carrier billing

Make it easy for Turkish consumers to charge their purchases directly to their phone bill, or deduct the cost from their prepaid balances, with direct carrier billing (DCB).

An illustration of a phone screen depicting a mobile payment transaction. Illustrated representations of lira coins are in the forefront.
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Expand your customer base

Direct carrier billing provides purchasing power to unbanked and underbanked consumers

Provide shoppers with a fast and efficient way to purchase items with DCB. While other traditional payment methods rely on banking infrastructure to execute a transaction, NomuPay’s direct carrier billing solution makes it easy for consumers to charge purchases to their mobile phone bill or deduct from an existing prepaid balance – no bank account or credit card required.

A modern-day payment method

Extend your online payment methods with direct carrier billing

NomuPay’s direct carrier billing solution is linked directly to consumers’ mobile phone bill through a partnership with Türkiye’s mobile network operators, Turkcell, Turk Telekom and Vodafone. This eliminates the need for shoppers to create additional accounts and share private personal information.

Fast and secure

Your consumers enjoy an intuitive buying experience; they simply confirm the payment using their mobile device – no banking information required.

High conversions

Direct carrier billing has historically seen high conversion rates due to the fast and hassle-free checkout experience.

Build trust

Consumer trust in DCB is high thanks to high levels of reliability and customers service from Türkiye’s telecom providers.

Mobile-first market

In 2022, Türkiye’s had 78 million+ (94.4%) cellular mobile connections. Consumers often prefer DCB, especially Gen Z and Generation Alpha.

Direct carrier billing in action

See how NomuPay’s customers are making the most of direct carrier billing

A photo of a young man playing computer games.

Mobile payments at TTNET Playstore

“We are so pleased working with NomuPay, as one of the most reliable and flexible companies on DCB. They provide best in class technical support and agile business development whenever we need.

The mobile payment option has provided great convenience for our users who can pay quickly and easily using their mobile phones. This payment method has given us the opportunity to offer more payment options to our users as it is an option not available on other platforms.”

TTNET Playstore use case

TTNET Playstore by Türk Telekom offers a wide range of digital games, including PC, console games and mobile gaming packages. Players can access new and popular games via pre-order on the site and receive a discount. Direct carrier billing was a crucial part of the Playstore’s strategy to attract Gen Z and Alpha players to their platform.

The NomuPay solution

NomuPay’s flexible online payment acceptance solution made it easy for TTNET Playstore to offer direct carrier billing as a payment option on their platform. Now, the young consumers that regularly play games on their platform can easily pay for their Playstore purchases via their mobile bill or prepaid balance with Turkcell, Vodafone and Turk Telekom. The users can also make subscription-based purchases for their favourite digital contents or apps.

Offer card-free, bank-free secure payments with direct carrier billing.