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NomuPay security warning

The following information will assist you in improving the security of the Internet transactions made with password. Please consider this information while using the Internet, in particular, making transactions with password.

Protect your passwords

Do not disclose, give any password including the API Passwords, NomuPay Panel password and SMS password sent to your mobile phone as an SMS, to any person, or type them on any page other than the NomuPay Panel.

Please contact NomuPay at telephone number 0212 286 2718 or send an e-mail to NomuPay at e-mail address in case API Password, NomuPay Panel password or SMS Pin sent to your mobile phone with SMS is lost or stolen. You can submit an application to NomuPay if you require cancellation or change of your password.

Use your access data carefully

Always make sure that third parties do no see your password and access data while making transactions with password over the Internet by showing the same level of care you show while making transactions outside. This applies especially to passwords. Please make sure that third parties do not have access to your passwords.

Do not record access or transaction data in your device. NomuPay system will instruct you to chose a secure password and change your password within certain intervals.

Make sure that your data is transmitted in an encrypted form

Http protocol should always be used for those making password transactions on the internet. You can see if when the beginning of the address bar on your browser changes. “http: //” becomes “https: //”. Do not make password transactions on websites without “https://”. We recommend you to pay attention that “s” letter should appear after “p” following “htt” letters/

Check authenticity of the website

Please make sure that you are really on the website where you want to make a transaction. You can do this by entering the URL (web address) of the website each time you visit the site. Hackers may create the impression of original website or original e-mail by frequently using similar words. Please pay attention to letters of the word following the @ sign in the e-mails received. You must pay attention to letters used in URL in case of websites.

Try to confine your password transactions on the internet with only one device

Attention should be paid especially when using devices open to the public. Always log out and delete cache of your device once your are done with the session.

Do not keep your passwords in digital devices such as a mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc.

Monitor your account movements regularly

Please check your account statements regularly. If you notice any suspicious transaction, contact NomyPay by telephone at 0212 286 27 18 or via e-mail address.

Ignore Phishing/ Identity Theft e-mails and do not reply messages that are received from unknown sources

NomuPay will never ask you to provide confidential information such as access data and password via e-mail, by telephone, fax or SMS; i.e., you will not be asked to return or provide this information or enter access data directly. If you receive this type of messages, do not click the links or websites provides in these e-mails, do not follow the instructions contained in the e-mail and contact NomuPay immediately by telephone at 0212 2862718.

Wireless connections

Activate password protection and encyrption for all wireless connections and check/ change them on regular basis.

Make sure that your device is secure

Make sure that your device is secured through installation and update of the relevant security checks (e.g., Anti-Virus Programs and Firewall/ Security Walls).

Downloading software

Please pay attention to risks of downloading Software over the Internet. Make sure that products are sellers are authentic and reliable.

If you have any question, please contact NomuPay at telephone number 0212 286 2718 or send an e-mail to address of NomuPay Merchant Services.


Obligation to Notify the Transactions Made for and on Behalf of Another Person Any person who fails in notifying the obligants of the identification of the person represented in writing may be punished with imprisonment from six months to one year or judicial fine up to five thousand days in case of transactions requiring verification of identity that are made via or at obligants pursuant to Article 15 of the Anti-Money Laundering Law No. 5549 that has been adopted on 11.10.2006 and took effect upon promulgation in the Official Gazette of 18.10.2006. Accordingly, any real person or legal person who procure transactions that require verification of identity in accordance with the Law No. 5549, applicable regulations and communiques is obliged to notify our Institution of the fact that they are acting for and on behalf of another person before making the transaction. In case it is not notified that the transaction is made for and on behalf of another person, our Institution shall consider that the real or legal person in question acts on its own account.

Respectfully submitted for your information.

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